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Kirsten Asher


I'm Kirsten Asher, I work with Management and Leadership Teams create a company culture that breeds a highly engaged, loyal and profitable team while staying true to what your company stands for past the product or service. 


My goal is to help you start a collaborative conversation across departments, teams and generations to create a culture that can thrive and grow exponentially. By working from the bottom up, listening to those who make your company, discovering processes, vision and roots - I work with you to bust through confusion confront issues and build a prosperous company from the inside out. I don’t just help my clients figure things out, I help them create a map to a thriving company culture. 


Because building a cohesive team is difficult and I know what it’s like to work for and freelance for a company that isn’t willing to listen to their team but expects growth. 

Your team is your biggest asset - the 9-5 doesn’t have to be a drag it can be enjoyable to head to work every day and be excited for what’s to come. It takes the right people for your company to get there though. When everyone is rowing in the same direction as you, you can far surpass your competition, but if you only have people that are there to collect a check your boat will stay stagnant. If you care for your team and are clear with expectations and goals they will care and want to join you on the journey. 

Remember, your company has a DASH just like you. There is a journey to experience and when you have the right people in the right seats, clarity on your vision, know what your company stands for, can lay out processes and find solutions for issues - growth and profits are right around the corner. 

Small changes can lead to big shifts, but you the CEO and leadership team have to be willing to change and be open to what can happen when you create an open line of communication and transparency. These are sometimes hard conversations to have internally which is why having someone be able to look at your company objectively and connect with your team on another level that isn't political. Let's face it, politics find their way into companies and it can be incredibly harmful. Once you are able to discover where issues lie, that's when your able to create solutions and again, strengthen your company.


The time is always now.

Nothing can happen until you take the steps necessary to find a solution. 


Thanks to technology, I work with clients all over the world—so even if you don't live in my neck of the woods (San Diego, California) we can build your culture. 

what else:

I speak at events and organizations desiring a fresh, outside voice to help inspire, uplift, and motivate their teams around the company vision and vibe. 

I also teach workshops and classes with talented colleagues.