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4 Tough Questions That Can Change Your Life

Fireworks, friends, family, and BBQ. Independence Day is a whirlwind of fun and relaxation, but in between the buffalo wings and reruns of Top Gun, let’s not forget that the reason we can enjoy those things is the passion and hard work of our Founding Fathers. They left a legacy that we still enjoy today.

They built a country that gives us the freedom and opportunity to create our own legacy, one that maybe even goes down in the history books as well. While that won’t happen overnight, there are a few things you can do today to make sure that you’re building a reputation and legacy that you’ll be proud of for years to come. Start by asking yourself these questions today.

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Millennial Employees: Are They That Different?

In 2015, the Pew Research Center reported that Millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, knocking Gen Xers off the top of the podium. And with more Millennials pouring into the workplace every day, I often hear the same two questions from HR directors, business owners, and recruiters: How exactly are Millennials different from my other employees? What do they expect from me and what should I expect from them?

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Millennial Cheat Sheet: 10 Tips to Impress Your Boss from Day 1

Three rounds of interviews, tests, and meetings later, you finally landed that position you had your eye on. After all that work, don’t you want to knock it out of the park on day one? These 10 tips can help you transition into a new role and impress your co-workers (and boss!) from the start, whether this is your latest job or your very first one. 

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I <3 My Job: The 6 Things Millennials Want at Work

You have a keg in the break room, doggy daycare services, and a ping pong table. Shouldn’t applications from job-hunting Millennials be piling up and current Gen Y employees thanking their lucky stars? 

I hate to burst your bubble, but Millennials are looking for something more than just showy perks at work. If you’re stumped about how to recruit and engage Gen Y employees, here are 6 ways to make Millennials fall in love with your company. 

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4 Steps to Find Out What You Want in Life (and How to Get It)

Graduation—the ultimate limbo phase. The first moment where you’re no longer a student but 

you’re not yet a professional. It’s easy to be a little freaked out, especially with friends and family 

asking “What are you doing next?”  

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My Simple 10-80-10 System to Live a 100% Awesome Life

In this post you'll discover what your 80 is and how to take your dream and create your reality. The reality you truly desire. 

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The Glory of Google Goals

Google Goals, the next best thing to having a personal assistant, an accountability partner and awesomeness all-in-one simple piece of technology!

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Freeze, Fail or Persevere

There are so many reasons why we may not hit goals. Sometimes, it’s the ones that are right in front of our face that we seem to not pay attention to.

My goal-missing problem was two-fold. 

1. I had a lack of confidence in my skills and abilities to take on a huge goal. 

2. I didn’t have any follow through.

I had ideas but had no idea where to start or would avoid the work it took to be consistent to develop the necessary skills.

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Is productivity high in your list?

Yes productivity is one of those little pesky grommets that seem to get the best of us, unless it’s just me which I’m betting high stakes that it’s not!  

Here are the things that have kept me on track (have you seen the little video of the distracted puppy…that’s me)...

    1.    Have a clear goal for the day. What is it that you want to achieve? Are you working on disability, are you putting together a proposal, are you working on an article, are you

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How To Accept Your Wins

Yeah, "accept your wins" sounds a little odd. Most of us have a hard time accepting our wins. We accomplish something and immediately think of how it could have been better or what could have been better. That's why I want to talk with you about how to accept your wins.

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All About The... Balance

It's all about balance. We spend most of our daily hours at work, so why not make the most of it? 

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