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How To Accept Your Wins


Yeah, "accept your wins" sounds a little odd. Most of us have a hard time accepting our wins. We accomplish something and immediately think of how it could have been better or what could have been better. That's why I want to talk with you about how to accept your wins.

Here’s a concept - pat yourself on the back. Realize you just did something that was just a thought once upon a time. Some people have a hard time with this concept because somewhere in life we've adopted the "never good enough” approach. Or, it could be we just don’t believe in ourselves enough that we have to find a problem in what we do, even in our wins. 

I used to do this often. I was so critical of myself that whenever I had a win I thought of all the negative things that either could have happened, or could have been better, even though my supervisors and management team were stoked on the work I just handed them. I was overly critical, and for that my happiness at work suffered. I was lacking a foundation of confidence and I put so much pressure on myself. I would tell myself that my “win” wasn’t good enough. Talk about self deprecation! 

Once I learned that it’s important and necessary to be happy for my wins and accept them with positivity, it all turned around. I was happy to turn in my work. I looked forward to the feeling of accomplishment

So my second biggest suggestion to you, is to be stoked on your wins. Whatever it is, be in the moment of accomplishment, maybe do a little happy dance while you’re at it. The reality is, we can always find room for improvement, but find the balance of healthily and kindly seeking that improvement. 

*Sometimes it takes us a little longer to see what other people see. One of the best ways to start being less critical of yourself is to follow these steps below:

  1. Send an email out to people asking for their feedback about you. 
  2. Create an affirmation around those responses. 
  3. When you start to feel yourself getting critical, STOP. Think of what you accomplished. Think of how you accomplished it. 
  4. Bonus: Each day focus on a strength of yours. It can be as simple or complex as you want, just write it down. Do this for at least one week (longer would be better) and you’ll begin to see what other see. 

Focusing on your strengths and natural talents sets a mindset for positive thinking, and we all know how awesome positive thinking is. It’s one of the main things that almost every successful business person, entrepreneur and leaders of our world do. 

Accept that every day you wake up, you are always moving forward, you are always getting better, you are always changing. It’s a natural progression as long as you believe in YOU. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Learn to accept your wins and the awesomeness that you are! 

Until next time, keep the sun on your face and wind at your back. 

oxxo Kirsten