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Is productivity high in your list?

Yes productivity is one of those little pesky grommets that seem to get the best of us, unless it’s just me which I’m betting high stakes that it’s not!  

Here are the things that have kept me on track (have you seen the little video of the distracted puppy…that’s me) 

    1.    Have a clear goal for the day. What is it that you want to achieve? Are you working on disability, are you putting together a proposal, are you working on an article, are you trying to book more clients? What is it at the end of the day that you wanted to achieve? Remember small wins stack up to large accomplishments!

    2.    Schedule your day the night before. After you finish dinner have some wine and maybe a few shouting matches at Jeopardy, followed by another nice glass of wine, lay out the next day. 

    1.    What is the most important thing you need to get done? Do that in the morning. Whether you’re a morning person or not get it done in the morning, your mind is fresh.

    2.    Schedule out your day. If you meditate put a time to it, if you have a morning routine put a time to it. Then each thing you do, schedule it. For example: 

    a.    20 mins: Meditate
    b.    30 mins: Coffee and walk Fredo
    c.    45 mins: Outline new workshop
    d.    60 mins: Phone meeting with big new client
    e.    15 mins: break
    f.    20 mins: Social Media posts & engagement

    3.    “Where your focus goes, your energy flows” Turn off social media! When you have to focus limit yourself and those pesky little distraction notices. You can also use Leechblock, Nanny or StayFocused to help you block yo'self from social sites.

    4.    Simple yet effective - Think Yoda. Just DO IT already. Break up with procrastination he/she/it isn’t taking you anywhere. Remember that TLC song: “A scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me!” ya that’s procrastination. 

    5.    Last but not least. Take BREAKS! Go outside for a walk, stand up and stretch, drink some water, dance around <— that one is actually a distraction for me because I won’t stop… But do something that gets the blood moving again or else your hip flexors will begin to get wayyyy to tight and no body likes tight hip flexors or a flat butt, that will happen too 😉 

Now go be productive!  


with love and coffee,