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The Glory of Google Goals

Oh my Google! I am more than in love with Google’s new “Goal” addition! Accountability is one of the main pitfalls for many people out there - myself included. 

I can find an excuse for just about anything… For instance, "I need to read this book or article for my peeps instead of working out” or “I need to power through writing this talk instead of eating” yeah we all know how that goes. Something always comes up and you never accomplish all that you set out to do. (Although, I do swear by the Bullet Journal method which has helped my own productivity enormously) - That’s for another post though.

Now you can throw all that “unaccomplishing-ness” out the window. Google Goals will actually find a time in your calendar, add in your goal and voila. You’re all set. You can set it up to schedule your goal(s) once a week, a couple times a week or daily. It’s insanely intuitive. 

For example, I am in the midst of writing a course program for my peeps and need to dive into the world of negotiating. I added it to may Google Goals for three times a week at 30 minutes - it found an open time in the morning on Monday at 9:30am, Thursday at 11:15am and Saturday at 8:45am. 

How rad is that?! Of course if you have something come up you can reschedule, but for me, I now have a made up Google voice in my head saying “Really?! Your going to reschedule this? Do you really need to or is it just out of laziness…” 

It’s like having a personal assistant, accountability partner and the best of technology right there keeping you set on your goals. 

Check out this YouTube video from Google to learn more...

Go here to check out Google Calendar

I personally have an iPhone and it works perfectly, so I can only assume it will work on Android and Windows phones.

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***Please excuse typos, misuse of punctuation and all other mishaps - I type with excitement.***