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Freeze, Fail or Persevere

There are so many reasons why we may not hit goals. Sometimes, it’s the ones that are right in front of our face that we seem to not pay attention to.

My goal-missing problem was two-fold. 

1. I had a lack of confidence in my skills and abilities to take on a huge goal. 

2. I didn’t have any follow through.

I had ideas but had no idea where to start or would avoid the work it took to be consistent to develop the necessary skills.

I was motivated to do bigger things in life, but I would freeze when it came down to actually taking the steps to get closer to my goal. I would take a step back and stay to myself,”Well my skill set is no where near everyone else on this path. I’ll never be good enough to really make this happen and succeed at this.” I would either move onto the next thing or I would fill my day up with busy work hoping I was moving toward my goal.

For example, I was part of a start-up online radio station. I would email potential companies about advertising. I didn’t focus on how it would benefit them and sell to their pain points. I also didn’t follow up as well as I could have.

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