How to HUMAN podcast coming soon...

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The podcast was created to teach people how we can be better humans through interviews with experts in various fields including communication, relationships, impact projects, women’s and men’s issues as well as mini life lessons. 

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Who's the host?

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Hello! I'm Kirsten, Podcast Host and Speaker who is dedicated to bringing women and men together to have an open conversation, find collaborative solutions and create a thriving community locally, nationally and globally starting from the inside out. As a believer in the greatness of People, I founded UnifyHUMANITY. 

People are at the core of companies, organizations, political systems and our World. All too often we get caught up in our own opinions and agenda that we become clouded in judgement. It's normal, it's humanly but it isn't the end all be all. There's a possibility for more than one solution. Like the yin and yang, harmony and balance are just as important and that can come from each one of us being open to another persons point of view and also being able to communicate effectively.

I get it, it’s easy to focus on the outcome that would be personally beneficial however, People are the core, the support and the vehicle to reach a new future. When everyone is on the same page and feel like they matter, it’s easier for them to engage and want to be part of the solution.  

If we make decisions based on the betterment of HUMANITY our world can and will thrive. My intention is to create a global community where we can build a foundation and Unify.


Together we can make a difference. It starts with you making a choice - how do you want to leave this world?