A place to see what's happeneing "NOW"


Well this is fun!

Good morning! 

I am stoked to be adding this Now page to my site. It's been inspired by Derek Sivers. Life isn't all business and sometimes it's fun just to share what we're doing right now at this moment. 

So welcome to my Now:). 

The holidays are over and although it was a blast I am looking forward to the New Year and what it has in store for me... or shall I say what I have in store for 2016! 

Right now this very moment I am sitting on the couch next to my handsome 7 year young boy...

... and prepping an email to send out to all my awesome readers about this up coming New Year. It's about how to prep and plan for it to be successful and not just let your "resolutions" fall by the wayside, which by the way usually happens in Feb. BUT if you have a strong goal plan and understand how to set it up correctly, then it's already a quarter way in the bag! 

In light of this evenings festivities...Here's to YOU, your gifts and your New Year! 

xoxo  Kirst