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New site is live!

I mean come on! A fresh new website with awesome branding and fluidity! What more can a Boss Lady ask for?! Maybe some wine and chocolate covered butterscotch deliciousness! 

It was a couple weeks in the making and I definitely can't take credit for it! I worked with an amazing web designer, Deana Ward with Simple and Soulful. She is hands down a rockstar. Completely went above and beyond. Since NOW is for peeks behind the scenes I figured I should at least tell you who did all this amazing-ness. 

In other news, I've started - more like half way through my goal of 30 days of meditating. I am fairly new to the action of doing/not doing, but I know how helpful it can be! So here I am, haven't missed a day yet! 

I hope you all are enjoying your days of Feb! 


with love and wine,


Kirsten AsherComment